A Quick Introduction To Wordle

When it made its first debut, Wordle appeared like a typo. However, since the introduction of the highly addictive pastime this past fall, there is scarcely a day that goes by when people aren't talking about this puzzle game.

The game exploded like wildfire, and many people became addicted to it. So, what exactly the game is and how to play it, read on!

What Is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple, entertaining, yet challenging word guessing game, just like a crossword.

According to the New York Times, the Wordle game was created in 2013 by Josh Wardle as a fun side project he brought back to life to keep himself entertained throughout the pandemic. It is now extremely popular, with over 300,000 people playing it every day.

The attraction is in simplicity. Every day, everyone on the planet has access to a single same Wordle. When you see your family and friends posting pictures of green, yellow, black, or gray squares, it's because they're using Wordle.

How To Play Wordle

Since there is no need to download a mobile app or anything, getting started is quite simple. Instead, go to the website, make your guess, and post your findings on social media. When you first visit the Strands NYT, you will receive a set of playing instructions.

It is easy to play the game; you only have to guess a five-letter word. Although it's not so easy, you can use every letter and create as many words as you like. This game will assess your vocabulary and remembering skills.

Every day, you have six tries to find the keyword. If you fail, wait until tomorrow to solve tomorrow's puzzle. The game records your guess after each attempt.

A letter will change to green if you get it right, yellow if you put the right letter in the wrong place, and gray if you got it wrong. You are solely responsible for coming up with a term; there are no tips, cues, or starting letters.

Tips and Tricks For Playing The Game

You could be able to start using Wordle straight away, but succeeding is another matter. There is one puzzle each day, and you get only a total of six tries to answer it. You must wait till the following day to attempt again with the next word if you cannot solve it in that many guesses.

If you're a word-guessing game enthusiast, you might want to stay away from following the advice and trust your own judgment. For everyone else who wants to increase your odds of finishing a daily puzzle, here are the best points you might find useful.

Selecting The First Word

Perhaps the most significant word is the first one. If you start with a term with the most frequent vowels and then add those consonants to it to make a real word that can be placed into the first five-letter field, your chances of getting a few accurate letters increase significantly.

These examples include "arise," "atone," "raise," "canoe," and "ocean." Each word contains at least three vowels, as you'll see. Using words with two or three of these vowels right away is an excellent strategy.

Don't Reuse Grays

The board game has a keypad at the bottom that indicates which letters are green, yellow, and gray; you should notice this one. It is best to avoid reusing letters that end up gray. It sounds obvious, but using letters you've already tried can take effort.

Double Letters Are Possible

This makes things more difficult, especially if you're trying to use words four or five but are running out of letters. Yet, letters frequently reoccur, as evidenced by words such as cool, sissy, and ferry.

Follow Chronological Order

Your first time playing might leave you perplexion. It may be difficult to start because so many squares are on the screen. If this occurs, keep in mind that you may always shuffle the tiles or select a word that is already arranged alphabetically.


With practice, your skills will improve, and you'll find it simpler to pick up new terms. You may use wordles to learn how to write words, create a huge vocabulary list, and play entertaining spelling games in addition to using them to play with words.

Change Your Mind

Without a doubt, Wordle is more than just a simple word search; it's also a bit of a brain teaser that may make your head spin. The pressure might be on, as you don't want to be the last person in your social group to figure out the day's word.

Improving your mentality and regulating your mental space is a skill that is undervalued. Remember that solving the daily word consistently is preferable to being flashy with wild guesses.

Last but not least, just enjoy yourself! Wordle is not meant to be something to stress about but rather a fun little brain teaser. Enjoy the journey, learn new vocabulary, and start sharing your own tiles on social media to compete with others!

What Devices Suitable For The Game?

The joy of Wordle is that you can play it on any device: an Android phone, an iPhone, a Chromebook, a Mac OS, a Linux device, or a Windows laptop. Wordle is a web-based game that has no true affiliation with any app store or specific operating system.

You may access it by visiting the game's URL at The New York Times website or Wordle and getting started right away. You're done when you click, understand how to play, and correctly guess the word of the day.

Your web browser will then remember the location and create a new Wordle to guess the next time you visit. There is no advertising, nothing to install, or obstructions.

The Bottom Line

Anyone, young or old, gamer or not, can pick up this easy word game and have a blast playing it. It is difficult yet also addictive.

It's encouraging to see everyone unite around something as straightforward and unadulterated as Wordle in a time when even the best video games come with dubious restrictions.

Have you ever tried this puzzle game yet? If not, go to the Wordle Game Today and try it now!

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