The Origin Of Dordle

As mentioned above, Dordle is a variant of the famous word-guessing game, Wordle. Wordle requires players to figure out a five-letter English word within six tries.

Meanwhile, Dordle challenges players with two five-letter English words simultaneously. By that, we mean you must find two different words within six guesses. Each word you guess will be applied to both of the grids at the same time.

The doubled number of words in a game is the significant difference between the two games. The Dordle game is suitable for people who have mastered the single-word guessing game - Wordle - and want to conquer a more difficult challenge.

How To Play The Dordle Game?

Dordle is available on online browsers, so you can only play the game via an Internet connection. Besides, you don’t have to worry about any issue related to the hardware requirements to play the game. Dordle features a simple graphic compatible with almost every device.

The way you play Dordle will vary according to the type of devices you use. If you use a non-touch-screen device, you can arrange words in Dordle by using a physical keyboard or a computer mouse.

On the other hand, if you play Dordle on a touch-screen device, you can form a word by tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen. No matter which type of equipment you opt for, don’t forget to press “Enter” to submit your guesses.

There are two grids in Dordle, and you must finish both of them within six guesses. Each word you guess will be applied in both grids, so be careful with your choices.

Dordle only accepts guesses with valid words in the dictionary. Hence, you can’t create a random guess to receive hints from the game.

How To Understand Dordle’s Hints?

After you submit your guesses to Dordle, the game will give you some hints via the color letters. Each color will bring a separate meaning:

  • The gray color indicates that the letter is not in the solution words. Therefore, you should avoid reusing them in your next guess.
  • The yellow color is the sign of correct letters but is wrongly positioned. Yellow letters are included in the final words, but you must alter their positions.
  • Green letters show that you have made perfect choices. You should keep the green letters in their fixed positions.
  • Game Modes Of Dordle

    Dordle players can enjoy the game in two different modes:

  • Daily Dordle: The daily mode resembles the daily Wordle in which you can play one game of Dordle every 24 hours. You must wait until the next day to have another round of Dordle.
  • Free Dordle: In contrast to the daily mode, the free mode is suitable for people to improve their Dordle performance. You can play the Free Dorlde as long as you wish.
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