Taylordle Introduction

The combination of music and puzzle in a game like Taylordle will never fail to amaze you, especially when you are a Swiftie. With the unique concept of guessing a hidden word about Taylor, every round is a new experience for you to discover.

The following article will provide detailed information about the rules and tricks to win the game without difficulty. Let’s dive in with us!

What Is Taylordle?

Taylordle is an exciting version of the familiar Wordle game with all the hidden words related to the famous songwriter and singer Taylor Swift.

Unlike other music-guessing games with the concept of hearing a song and guessing the name of it, Taylordle resembles Wordle in the way you are required to guess a secret word of the day.

You have six attempts to give the correct answer for the solution word. However, this version’s different point is that the word length will vary each day from four-letter to eight-letter words.

This game takes the challenge to the next level since the mysterious word is about Taylor Swift. If you are not a big fan of Taylor, you will struggle with random information about her.

How To Play The Taylordle Game?

Like the original Wordle game, you will see the tile change color after each guess and consider the hint to decide your next move. There are three color-changing options for you to learn by heart to prepare for other guessing opportunities.

While the green color shows you that your letter is correct and in the right position, the yellow hints that the letter is in the wrong spot. When you notice the tile turns gray after you fill in the blank, you had better make another guess with a different letter.

How To Have A Smart Plan For The Game?

Have A Basic Understanding Of Taylor Swift

When you play a game designed for Swifties, it would be best to get ready and prepare yourself with a solid foundation of Taylor Swift’s information. It can be her albums, songs, or any fact about her life.

If you are her fan, you may find it easier to develop word ideas to conquer the game. However, when you are just a music lover, this game will put you in a difficult situation, requiring you to rack your brain to find the answer.

Get Help From Reliable Searching Resources

When you have no idea of the hidden word, it would be helpful to rely on a search engine like Google or a Swiftie friend. Both can give you the desirable answer to solve the challenge, so don’t hesitate to ask for help in such cases.


After reading the article, we hope you are confident with all the important rules and tips to play Taylordle effectively. It is advisable to follow the instructions for your unforgettable playing time carefully. This awesome game title is worth every minute, making it hard for you to resist its charmingness.

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