A Quick Glance At Nerdle

Since its release, Wordle has long been a world-famous puzzle game. Wordle gains glorious achievements in the gamer communities thanks to the simple gameplay, prominent compatibility, and exciting challenges. For this reason, up to now, there are hundreds of Wordle spin-offs in many subjects on the Internet.

How about combining the best of Math and puzzle games in one? This idea gives birth to Nerdle!

The Nerdle game resembles Wordle regarding in-game missions and hints but brings separate gameplay, difficulty, and game modes. Instead of asking players to spot the secret five-letter English word like Wordle, Nerdle requires players to figure out the secret equation built from provided numbers and mathematical signs.

How To Play The Nerdle Game?

Nerdle features straightforward gameplay, like its original version Wordle. You will have a digital keyboard consisting of 10 numbers and 5 mathematical signs. Your mission is to arrange them in 8 square boxes in a row to guess the secret equation.

There are 6 rows equivalent to 6 guesses in a game. You will lose the game if you use 6 guesses before finding the solution equation.

You can form the potential calculation by typing your physical keyboard or tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen. Then, press “Enter” to submit your answer. After you submit your answer, Nerdle will provide you with color signs to get closer to the solution:

  • The black letter indicates the wrong digits. The black numbers or signs are not included in the solution equation.
  • The heavy red color shows that the numbers or signs you choose are in the solution, but they lie in different spots from your initial choice.
  • The heavy blue tile shows that the numbers or signs are in perfect position. They are included in the solution equation and placed in precise spots.
  • Nerdle Game Modes

    #1 Nerdle Mini And Nerdle Micro

    Nerlde mini and Nerdle micro are easier modes than the ordinary Nerdle. Players must solve a secret equation consisting of 6 and 5 digits rather than 8 digits as the default mode. These are decent game modes for beginners or kids learning Math.

    #2 Binerdle And Mini Binerdle

    Binerdle is a more hardcore mode of the game. While Nerdle requires you to solve one equation simultaneously, Binerdle challenges you with two secret equations. The Binerdle equation includes 8 square boxes for each calculation, and Mini Binerdle contains 6 square boxes.

    #3 Speed Nerdle

    Apart from finding the secret equation, Speed Nerdle players must complete the task within the fastest time for the best result. In another saying, players will compete with each other via the time spent on solving a Nerdle game.

    #4 Instant Nerdle

    The instant Nerdle is like a lottery game. You must spot the exact equation on the first try.

    #5 Your Own Nerdle

    You can create your own equation and send it to your friends via a link and challenge them to solve it.

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