A Quick Introduction To Octordle

When somebody mentions the best puzzle games in the world, it will be a mistake if he neglects the Wordle game. Due to its significant reputation, Wordle inspires many developers to make their own Wordle-like titles. And, Octordle is among the most wonderful variants of Wordle.

Octordle also requires players to guess secret five-letter English words, like Wordle. However, Octordle players must solve eight words simultaneously instead of one word. Players will have thirteen tries in the Octordle game to figure out all the secret square boxes.

Above is the obvious difference between these two word-guessing games. Let’s see what’s more!

The Octordle Game - Playing Tutorial

You will have diverse methods to play the Octordle game depending on your device type. Using a screen-touch device, you can arrange your potential words by tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen.

On the other hand, if you play Octordle on a computer, you can form your words with a computer mouse or a physical keyboard.

No matter how you play Octordle, you must press “Enter” to submit your guess. Besides, remember that the system only accepts valid English words, so you can’t build incorrect words to get the hints.

How To Understand Octordle’s Hints?

Hints in Octordle are the same as those in Wordle. Three colors will help you to reach the final answer closer.

The green letter is the sign of perfect guesses. You should leave the green letters to stay where they already are. It’s a pity if you get the yellow letters, you almost achieve a green one. You must alter the yellow letters’ position until they turn green. The gray letter indicates that your choice is wrong. The gray letter is not included in the solution word.

Various Octordle Game Modes

#1 Daily And Free Octordle

The daily Octordle will challenge players with every eight new words daily. By that, we mean you can’t have more than eight words to solve in a day. You must wait up to 24 hours to get eight different words.

On the contrary, the free Octordle lets you replay the game unlimitedly in a day. Once you replay the game, you will have eight separate words to solve.

#2 Challenge Octordle

In the challenge mode of Octordle, you can choose to guess words related to a specific theme, like geography, color, animals, nature, cartoons, movies, and so on.

#3 Rescue Mode

The Rescue Mode gives you four guessed words in advance. Your mission is to keep finding the final secret words following the hints provided along with the four guessed words.

#4 The Sequence Mode

You will have fifteen tries in the Sequence Mode. Unlike other modes in which one guess will be applied to all the grids, Sequence Mode will show the word in grids individually. You must solve the first grid before all of your guesses appear in the second grid and do the same to the other grids.

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