What Is Worldle?

You may find the Wordle game sound familiar to the legendary word-guessing game Wordle. So, you are right! The Worldle game is a variant of the Wordle game.

Wordle challenges players to figure out a secret five-letter English word from the provided alphabetical letters within six tries. Players also must do the guessing task in Worldle, but instead of guessing a word, Worldle players must spot a secret nation from its black-and-white image.

Therefore, Worldle will be an appropriate game for people who want to test their geography knowledge.

Rules Of Worldle

Worldle requires players to guess the precise nation within six guesses. After using up all six tries, you must wait until the next day to get a new round of the game. It is a pity that Worldle doesn’t allow players to enjoy the limitless play.

Where And How To Play The Worldle Game?

You can only enjoy Worldle online on any Internet browser. There hasn’t been a smartphone app version for Worldle, so you must have an Internet-connected device to enjoy the game.

Playing Worldle is simple. You don’t need to remember all the nation’s names in English to guess the answer. Worldle provides players with a drop-down list of countries’ names.

Hence, whenever you click or tap the gray row on the screen, a list of possible answers will drop down for you to pick. Click or tap the potential answers as you guess and choose the “Guess” row to submit your answer.

How To Understand The Worldle Hints?

You won’t be lonely in conquering the challenge from Worldle. On the contrary, Worldle will give you hints to reach the final key closer. The hints will be demonstrated via the kilometers, directional arrows, and the percentage of proximity.

The kilometer will show you how far the solution country is from your guess. Moreover, the directional arrows will tell which side of the guess the solution country is located. Finally, the percentage of proximity will point out how close the guess is to the precise answer.

Game Modes Of Worldle

If your level is beyond the difficulty of Worldle, you can try a more hard-core version by adjusting some in-game hints.

  • Showing size percent instead of the proximity percent.
  • You can turn off the image-showing feature in Worldle. As a result, you will start your first guess 100% randomly without any hint.
  • The most tricky mode is the image-rotating one. The black-and-white image of the nation will be randomly rotated so that players can’t realize which country is or mistake the solution country for another nation.
  • Besides the tricky modes, Worldle allows players to spot the country’s location on Google Maps and learn all the information about the country on Wikipedia. Players can expand their knowledge about geography, whether they can win the game or not.

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