A Quick Outlook At Sedecordle

Wordle has achieved a stable position at the top list of the best word-guessing games ever. For this reason, there are many game developers who take inspiration from Worlde to create their own word-guessing games.

Among the Wordle variants, Sedecordle stands out as one of the most exciting and challenging ones.

In Wordle, players must find a five-letter English word from a grid having six rows, and there are five blank square boxes in each row to fill letters in. Six rows are equivalent to six guesses provided for Wordle players to find the solution word.

Meanwhile, in the Sedecordle game, players will have sixteen grids with twenty-one rows. Therefore, Sedecordle players must figure out sixteen separate five-letter English words in twenty-one tries. By a quick calculation, we can clearly see how puzzling the Sedecordle game is compared to the original Wordle.

Sedecordle Playing Tutorial

The number of words in Sedecordle may overwhelm you, but don’t worry; Secordle’s play engine is relatively the same as Wordle. You can arrange your potential words by typing the physical keyboard or tapping the virtual keyboard.

Then, press “Enter” to submit your guess. Besides, you can use the computer mouse to form the words, but this way will be quite time-consuming.

Although there are sixteen grids in Sedecordle, it doesn’t mean that you will fill your guessed words in the grids one by one. On the contrary, each word you choose will appear in every grid.

You may think it’s impossible to finish all the secret words in Sedecordle. However, the game will give you hints to reach the solutions closer via the color signs.

How To Understand Sedecordle Hints?

Sedecordle guides players via three color signs that every Wordle player knows. If this is your first time trying a Wordle variant, here is the interpretation:

  • Gray letters tell you that they are not included in the solution words, so you should ignore them in later guesses.
  • Yellow letters are contained in the secret words, but you place them in the wrong positions. Alter the yellow letters’ positions until they turn green.
  • Green is the indication of a perfect choice. A row full of green letters is a sign of completing a grid.
  • Tips For The Sedecordle Game

    When playing Sedecordle, almost every player will focus on finishing the grids one by one. Yet, this is not an appropriate method.

    If you spend too much time on a single grid, you will neglect others. You should scroll up and down to find grids that have as many yellow or green letters as possible. Then, arrange the words in these grids in turn. By following this method, you can finish more grids simultaneously.

    Furthermore, you can look up a five-letter word dictionary on the Internet when you run out of ideas. We bet that you will have to opt for this trick at least once when playing Sedecordle. Even if you are a native speaker, solving sixteen secret words at a time will be a true challenge.

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