An Overview Of The Quordle Game

Wordle, a legendary word-guessing game, has quickly gained popularity among puzzle game lovers. Despite its simple design and consistent challenges, it has managed to attract millions of players within a short span of time.

For amateur players, the Wordle game may be a difficult milestone to conquer, but it may be just a piece of cake for expert word-guessing game players. Understanding this demand for a tougher challenge, Wordle fans have created a modified version - the Quordle game.

This variant is essentially a Wordle game in many aspects, such as the gameplay, the layout, and the hints. However, what sets it apart and makes it a true challenge is the significantly increased number of hidden words that must be found.

This is not for the faint-hearted. Players have to deal with 4 hidden words in the Quordle game, three more than the number of words in the Wordle game. Therefore, it will be a real challenge for puzzle solvers of any level.

How To Play The Quordle Game?

The Quordle game introduces a unique gameplay that sets it apart from Wordle. The layout still features grids with blank spots for players to fill their word guesses, but now there are four grids, each dedicated to one of the hidden words. This twist adds a new layer of complexity and intrigue to the game.

Don’t mistake that you will guess the secret words one by one with a separate number of guesses for each word. On the contrary, the game gives you 8 guesses for 4 hidden words, which means one guessed word will be filled in all four grids of the game.

With the tripled number of hidden words but only two more available guesses, Quordle is definitely a real challenge for players.

Like in the Wordle game, you can make your guess in the Quordle game by typing a correctly spelled English word in the grid and pressing Enter to submit it. The submitted word will come with hints, but we will talk about the topic later.

Hints In The Quordle Game

Hints in the Quordle game are still the familiar colors in almost every Wordle-like game:

  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess. A word is solved when all of the letters in it turn green.
  • The yellow letters are the ones included in the hidden words, but their positions in the guessed words are different from the correct positions in the solution words.
  • The gray color indicates not related letters.
  • Also, here is a small tip for you to achieve better results in the game. Don’t try to focus on solving words separately when guessing the words.

    Don’t waste time completing one word and moving on to the others. In contrast, review all the grids simultaneously and determine which has the most hints. Then, solve the most-clued grid first.

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