About Puckdoku

The Puckdoku game is thrilling, interesting, and challenging. It combines the inference of Sudoku with the understanding of NHL players, promising a great experience for hockey enthusiasts.

When playing Puckdoku, the participant's task is to give the selection of NHL players' names to fill in nine empty squares based on column and row criteria. But, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules as well as criteria before entering your selection.

This game also requires a strategic plan and knowledge related to hockey. Are you ready?

Optimal Features in Puckdoku

  • Daily Game: Puckdoku limits once a day to play and refreshes the guesses every day. Ensure that players will experience thrilling moments and will know more hockey players after each play.
  • Selection once for every hockey player: Puckdoku ensures diversity in choices by only allowing participants to fill in the NHL player's name once. The game will immediately remove your incorrect pick, helping you avoid repetition while guessing.
  • Non-changeable selections: Once you give a choice and fill any player in a cell, the answer impossibly changes. This means that the risk will be higher, and you must carefully consider before guessing.
  • Limited guesses: There are many selections, so consider filling in the cells; however, the number of guesses corresponds to the number of cells. Whether your selection is right or wrong, it is counted as a shot. This forces players to concentrate and be more conscious of their choices.
  • Reliable data source: Puckdoku uses a great deal of data from Stathead, which is dependable and accurate in the game.
  • How To Play

    If you are a hockey fan or know about this sport, especially the teams and players, it isn't hard to start with this strands nyt version.

    The game displays all 6 teams in 3 columns and 3 rows. You need to enter the names of players who are playing or used to playing for the teams, corresponding to the team in the column and row.

    For example, a vertical cell is Islander, and a horizontal cell is Flyers. It would help if you guessed the NHL player's name when playing for both teams.

    Only with 9 attempts 9 names of hockey players must be filled accurately. The players that you selected might not reuse them, though your guesses are correct or incorrect.

    Every player who guessed accurately will bring 100 scores. The maximum points for all your guesses are 900. You can share the optimal scores with your friends if you win and achieve the optimal scores.

    Your NHL knowledge will be shown in Puckdoku. With strategic thinking and puzzle-solving capacity, you will experience excitement every day. You mustn't enter the field, but you can still immerse in the hockey world with Puckdoku.

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