What Is The Contexto Game?

Word games have always evolved to become more familiar with the demands of present puzzle solvers. For instance, in the past, we had Crossword or the Hangman, and now the Wordle game reigns supreme with thousands of spin-offs. One thing that these iconic word-guessing games share in common is the impressive and appealing gameplay.

Here, we would like to introduce the Contexto game, featuring unique gameplay that you can’t find in any other titles. In this game, you will have to use your logical thinking and deduction at its utmost to determine the correct hidden word of the game. For more detail, let’s see how to play the game.

The Contexto Game Playing Tutorial

The Contexto game starts with a guessing box only, and the box is where you are going to fill in a guessed word. The secret word can contain various numbers of letters but not a fixed number like in other word games.

For this reason, you can make your guess with short or long words, it depends on which word will cross your mind first. After filling in the words in the guessing box, press Enter to submit your guess.

The most interesting feature of the Contexto game lies in the way the game gives you hints. Unlike different puzzle games that offer players hints in the form of colors or letters shown in advance, the game only tells you how close you are to the correct answer.

And the gap between you and the hidden word will be displayed with numbers. The number will decrease when you are closer to the game’s solution.

According to the Contexto game’s rule, the correct word will always be labeled number 1, so the bigger number your guessed word is accompanied with, the further you are from victory in the game.

Notably, the guessed words and the solution word will always be related to each other. They will be associated with a specific topic, like sports, geography, cooking, etc. As a result, try to catch the primary theme of the game you are playing; you will be more likely to figure out the correct word.

There’s no limit to available guesses you can make in the game. Contexto is a great chance for you to revise all the possible English words you have learned so far in your life.

Does The Contexto Game Offer Help?

After trying all the English words you know but still can’t come up with the correct answer, you can turn to direct help from the Contexto game.

Press the three-dot icon on the left side of the game’s logo, and you will find the “Tip” section. Click “Tip,” and the system will give you some words with small numbers, which means these words are close to the final one.

In case you are still desperate to find the correct answer even when using Tip, you can give up to see the final word by pressing “Give Up.”

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